Sethu & Aruna March 26, 2020, 11:15 a.m.

Time & again , I have noticed good living rooms have something in common: they are always harmonious , elegant & fit in with the taste & personality of the people who live there.

But myself being very conventional type never thought of making it special, from what it was planned 40 years before. But my daughter & daughter in law had different ideas & aspirations that forced me to think differently. But once we decided to start with, the basic question was …………! How & what you want?

Yes, we knew it requires some professional expertise; that led us to meet Mrs Archana, an upcoming Architect & Interior Designer in Thrissur. The first meeting itself removed all my apprehensions, as we could make , “ she may be young, but blessed with abundant creative talents/qualities and much more ethics I her approach” .

While designing our living room, Archana & her father Mr Sajeev, helped us think differently on certain key aspects like space availability, the colour to be used and the kind of furniture & accessories we fancy we fancy in our room etc. We ae very grateful to Mrs Archana and her team members for giving us a better relaxed living experience and good ambience to our home by providing , clever colour selection for walls & textures , with bricks & tiles with right balance of furnishings. Thank you , Archana.

Special thanks to her father Mr Sajeev , who is a tower of strength to Archana’s professional qualities & commitments, for timely completion of assignments.

Thanks You !


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